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The Idea

Hello world! Dan and Carolyn here!


We are young musicians with a love for travel and a passion for genuine, unique, original music. We have left our jobs and our homes and have sold most of our things in order to know a world other than our own.

We are simply two people.

Two people that were brought together through music.

Through music we hope to create a  more peaceful world.

Dan and I decided that we want to travel more while we are young. No kids, no real jobs, no regrets!!   

264666_10100653850150876_5385457_nWe also decided to officially write music together. I’m stylistically folky, “angelic”, and acoustic.  Dan is a master looper, funky and soulful. Although we are so different, we believe that we have just what the other needs!


  South America came to mind after we decided that (after writing together) nature and hiking were at the top of our priority list. My uncle, who is a pilot, generously gave us two buddy passes and we booked our flights!

We will backpacking South America for the next six months or so… March 2013- August 2013…

After we chose a destination, we began to think of a way to share the music we would be creating. What is a song without ears to listen? 

        We have talents for trekking and music. Combine the two and followthesong was born! Since we have no set plan for our travels, we are allowing to create itself with no expectations, no boxes, and also no plan. The only promise we can give you is our trail of music. Each week or so we will be posting an original song for you that will have been written, recorded, and produced, on the road.  backpacking_sign_rectangle_sticker

imgres-4After working as hard as we could this past year to set ourselves up for success on the road, we have most of our gear ready!

One Ipad. One Imic. Two travel guitars. Ten Countries. Infinite musical possibilities!

        Please don’t miss out on this chance to experience something groundbreaking! Please FOLLOW THE SONG, and in turn you will be traveling with us through the streets of Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Cuzco, and maybe even the Galapagos! More importantly…you are invited into our heads and our hearts as we surrender ourselves to honest songwriting.

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