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About Us

Carolyn Hi! I’m Carolyn Nicely and I’m a 25 year old singer-songwriter. When I was 12 years old my dad came downstairs with an article about a touring theater company that was having an audition for the musical, “Annie.” A few weeks later I was cast as the little red-headed lead and I’ve been singing ever since!


I worked at a local dinner theater in Virginia all through middle and high school.  I performed 6 nights out of the week, and loved every minute of it. The “Riverside” was my home and my escape. I dreamed of being on Broadway and nothing was going to stop me. I quit soccer and field hockey and made a dance room out of my garage. I watched tap videos on a 5×5 screen and did odd-jobs at a local studio in exchange for ballet lessons.

Broadway bound and 18, I left Virginia, and the house I grew up in, and ventured off to California. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in musical theater and of course no job. My sophomore year of college, I experienced a Los Angeles driven meltdown. I was discouraged, lonely, and confused. About my talent, about my body, about fame and the path to success. I got a job at the campus coffee shop and saved every penny of my 6am shifts. That summer I traveled to the home of my ancestors, Ireland. I spent three months backpacking and working my way across the country, and into England and Wales. I received my room and board by working at various farms, hostels, and healing centers along the way. This wanderlust to Ireland brought me to my guitar.

28105_1356040821011_7495349_n And then everything changed.

I wrote… and wrote… and wrote… and played and practiced and recorded and played… every day… every free minute…

61211_10100183873452946_7969984_n   Leaving my Broadway dream behind, I moved to New Smyrna Beach, where my parents were living, to pursue songwriting. As a little girl, I spent every summer there with my grandparents. So I  knew that the  live music scene was big enough to challenge me but small enough to break into. Before I moved there, I had never even played my guitar for an audience! There I recorded my first solo album “Floating on Eire” which reflects on unrequited love, Ireland, and my newfound freedom to be whatever and whomever I choose. However, after a year in FL, and an album hot off the press, I became restless. My parents had instilled the travel gene in me at a young age by taking my sister and I to Alaska, Iceland, Paris, Amsterdam, and all over the US.  I blame them for my nomadic spirit!

314958_10150376456211940_1204523274_n    Anyway, I drove cross- country back to LA where I worked again as a waitress,    struggled harder as a musician, and discovered Santa Monica power yoga. After spending hours of ‘savasanas’ trying to find my purpose  as a singer, I decided that Florida was where my heart was. I drove cross-country once again…sigh… to be with the players from my first album and to form a band with them. I had a teacher who would certify me to teach yoga for free if I helped out with her classes, and I could stay with my parents while I got back up on my feet. Perfect!

551768_4171369766345_442672379_n    While looking for more players to form a band, I walked into a bar on the main street of New Smyrna and found Dan singing and playing guitar. We began to “jam” and never left each other’s side.With our newly created band, “The Fam Band”, we produced our first album together, “Live from the Garage,” and toured all over Florida.  This past year Dan and I traveled to the Virgin Islands, Asheville, Atlanta, and even China playing music together.

But music isn’t everything. Life has a lot to offer and I don’t want to end up the suffering artist overdosing on pills in the bathroom. Dan and I decided to stop fighting our scattered passions and    their seemingly separate pathways, but to combine them. Hiking? Traveling? Nature? Music?! All together now!



    Now we venture off once again to create. I can’t wait to see what happens, and to share it with you. I vow to stay true to myself, to think outside the box, and to create something new every day.

     Love, Carolyn       


“Creativity of all kinds, in art, in prayer, in justice-making, in human relationships, is born where people wrestle with angels, outside Eden, on the border between heaven and earth, where they struggle to create a new form, a new song, a new template, a new ethic with all the discipline and passion they can bring to bear.” KATHY GALLOWAY, introduction, Dreaming of Eden

       283565_10150743156770652_3251537_nHey there! I’m Daniel Hunter. I’m 26 and I like music. AKA living day to day, making people happy, drinking free beer, and being my own boss. I have been a working musician for a few years now in New Smyrna Beach, Fl, where I also met the love of my life..

Growing up my mom always filled the house with good music. I remember dancing around the living room to artists like Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, The Police, and Al Green. Despite all that, on my 10th birthday when I told her I wanted a bass guitar she made me give her a list of reasons why, and had me hum along to a few bass lines on the radio. When I turned ten I got my wish. A used, shiny red, 4 string Squier p-bass with a white pickguard. From that day forward music has been apart of my everyday life.       547067_389103904458124_667947189_n

Through school I played in a lot of bands and was always the baby. I remember bringing my bass to school with me everyday for a few private school years. My Homeroom/Spanish teacher and I would play together every day. After high-school in the Atlanta suburbs I went to The Atlanta Institute of Music. It’s a one year intensive performance-based program, ” aim” as we called it. After a year studying Jazz bass, I went to Full Sail University for Audio Production. It was a great experience but I’m not sure it was worth all the debt!  I  had some tough times through those years… I realized that gigging around Orlando and interning at rap studios was really not my thing and I needed a fresh start. I really missed my family and ended up moving in with my brother Morgan and his girlfriend in New Smyrna Beach. I had always been close to my big brother when we were kids so it was a blessing to have him in my life again. I began to work on myself and became a big part of the local music scene.

185319_10150743157035652_4986926_n   I play now with a few bands here in New Smyrna. I play bass for a funk jazz improv group called “The Chicken Soup Ensemble”, and for an Allman brotheresque jam band called “After Indiana.” I also play with the reggae-funk band, “Soul Taxi” and Carolyn and I’s indie-folk band “The Fam Band.” My main gig though is as a solo artist where I use a loop pedal to create a one-man-band show. I’m full time and play all over Florida most nights of the week. I also do a lot of work recording and producing. Last year a song I produced of Carolyn took us all the way to China! She had created an English translation of the song “Love at the Same Planet” which was originally recorded in Chinese and sent to us by artist Julia Zhu. We sent our recording back to the artist and her agent loved it so much that we were invited to tour Beijing and Shanghai for the New Year’s celebration. This trip sparked our need to see more of the world and we decided that on the road is where we want to be.   523948_10101258191520926_286119178_n

Aside from music, I have always had a passion for anything outdoors. My dad took me camping for the first time when I was only a few weeks old. He was always the adventurous type and took us traveling whenever he could. He took my brother and I to Washington (my birthstate) where we climbed Mt. Rainier. We spent a few summers living together on a boat exploring  the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. My dad made me lie about my age so that I could get my scuba certification for one of our trips. He has had a big influence on me.

65040_10100489573762283_1354223733_n     I am so excited for this journey to South America because we are going to be immersed in everything we are passionate about. Although Carolyn and I play music together, I’m pretty sure I won her heart with my cooking.

I’m on my way to find out more about sustainable farming, organic cooking, and how to cook badass South American dishes. I’m going to dive head first into all the new music we come across. And we’re off!




“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain